Dijital Pazarlama Ajansı

Working in Germany

The first step for successful immigration is the employment visa and residence permit for Germany. Applying for the visa can become a complicated and time-consuming process that we take on for you.

The Immigration Act, which comes into force on March 1, 2020, expands the framework for the immigration of qualified specialists from countries outside the EU to Germany. In the future, professionals with professional, non-academic training will be able to migrate to Germany more easily for work purposes. Existing regulations for specialists with a university degree will be continued and in some cases made even easier.

  • Health sector
  • Blue card
  • With qualified vocational training
  • Visa for job search


  • fill out the required forms and applications according to your specifications,
  • check and support in the forwarding of all required documents,
  • coordinate appointments and the schedule.
  • Support them in the necessary administrative procedures after entering Germany

During the process, AVD consultants work closely with the relevant authorities.

Your Adventages

  • • Support from employees with many years of experience and excellent knowledge of all processes; this saves you time and effort.
  • The risk of additional costs caused by missing documents is minimized.

For detailed information about Visa for Germany you can contact us